Yuen Method


Bette Mozdzen offers Yuen Method sessions worldwide over the phone or skype or in-person for the greater Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia areas. This interdisciplinary technique blends Qi and Shen Gong training, physiology, anatomy, quantum physics and structural analysis. The Yuen method integrates ancient Taoist principles with modern methods to attain desired goals or achieve profound shifts in the body/mind/spirit.

The Yuen Method for Healing and Transformation

The Yuen Method was developed by Dr. Kam Yuen after a lifetime of practice and study in martial arts (Shaolin Kung Fu Master, 35th generation), homeopathy, and nutritional therapy in addition to being a doctor of chiropractic (DC) and structural engineer. The Yuen Method is based on the premise that the human body functions like a bio-computer that we can reprogram and deprogram. For any given problem or issue, one is either strong or weak, on or off. We are multifaceted and our consciousness has many levels. The goal of the Yuen Method is to work toward and ensure congruency in every level of consciousness, so that pain may be removed, and nothing in the mind can stand in the way of its higher goals. Pain in this sense is a block in the energy flow of the body, caused from a deeper issue, and causing or manifesting as a physical condition. This method identifies the source of the energy blockage and dissolves it, allowing one to easily release any negative or harmful issues such as fears, phobias, emotional issues, or physical symptoms.

How the Yuen Method is Used

Using the Yuen Method, working for your highest good and greatest potential, in conjunction with your True Self, we will first  define your symptoms or issues. Next clearly identify your ideal state of being or desired goal. Then, work to deprogram and remove old patterns, human energy blocks, and pain or symptoms while measuring your progress clearly. Finally, through the Yuen Method, we may replace (reprogram) them with your ideal or desired state of being, manifesting rapidly and persistently.

Using the energetics created by Dr. Kam Yuen, I help you achieve and ground neutrality for any blocks that are holding you from moving forward in desired goals or relationships, or any issues that may be stealing your energy or joy. The answers for all of our great mysteries are within our highest self.

Guided by our true self this profound technique will manifest the shifts we desire in our spirit, body, mind, and life. Life changes that occur from the Yuen Method will be directed towards one’s greater future potential. It is surprising how rapidly and joyfully this transformation will manifest. People often report lightness of being, increased clarity, and freedom from their symptoms in just one session. When we’re experiencing negative thoughts or feelings, it energetically weakenes us. The energetic system of the human body is a warning mechanism for our health and wellbeing. Cultural attitudes about death and aging negatively affect our mind/body/spirit. Despite what we are told, we should not and do not need to deteriorate with age.

Bette’s Experience Working in the Yuen Method

I have been using this method for the past five years to successfully assist for relationship enhancement, abundance, physical conditions, weight loss, and much more. I have finished hundreds of hours in Yuen sessions. I have also completed more than 75 Yuen seminars, which include Mastery classes and tele-seminars with Dr. Kam Yuen and LeRoy Malouf.

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