Electronic Tuning Fork Sound Therapy



"The knower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of the whole universe"

—Hazrat Inayat Kahn—


Sound Therapy Session with Bette Mozdzen

Bette is a sound therapy practitioner located in Silver Spring, MD, and serves the Greater Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia area. A sound healing session with the electronic tuning fork/ bone toner is usually about fifteen minutes. Using Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) we will test all areas of your spine to find the weaknesses, which need toning. It takes about 30 minutes to tone the entire spine but a standard session is 15 minutes because normally only the weak points in your spine will need toning.


Then we will vibrationally tone both sides of spine, one vertebrae at a time. The results are usually immediately noticeable and one area often only needs one treatment. In case of chronic issues of spinal misalignment, treatment may be repeated twice a week.


The unique electronic tuning fork used in this sound therapy session is developed by Dr. June Leslie Weider, a chiropractor. After much experience doing Bone Toning with conventional tuning forks, she researched and then developed an electronic tuning fork that is more powerful, dynamic, and easier to apply than conventional tuning forks. The sound healing system also utilizes Gamma Brain Wave frequencies, which are known to be conducive of the following benefits:

  1. heightened intellectual function

  2. being more compassionate and empathizing

  3. greater self control

  4. feeling of natural happiness

  5. better memory


Cost for 15 Minute Session:  $40

For inquiries or to schedule a session, contact Bette Mozdzen:





What is Sound Therapy?

Sound therapy, also known more generally as sound healing, focuses on harmonic, energetic and vibrational frequencies in sound. The body functions best when in balance, harmony and resonance. Age old healing practices and cultural traditions worldwide utilize sound, music and the voice to heal. In order to relieve pain from gout, a flute would be played in ancient Hellenic culture, while in the Bible, in order to lessen King Saul's depression, David plays a harp. These are just two of uncountable examples of sound therapy or healing that proliferate in almost every culture throughout history. For thousands of years, all around the world, prayer, chant, and sound based spiritual traditions have been used to align and heal the mind, body and spirit through healing sound.



Sound Therapy Vibrationally Harmonizes Our Body

Sound healing and vibration therapy in general work because the living matrix of our body is uniquely capable of absorbing and emitting vibratory energy. Every component of the human body responds to vibration. A method of vibration therapy created through the electronic tuning fork makes it possible to restore the natural resonant harmonic of tissue and bone.


Therapists who utilize touch, heat, light, aroma and sound are using resonance and vibration to balance and heal. Every tissue and bone dances with a specific frequency and will produce a certain tone on a cellular and molecular level where properties are being changed by vibrations. When a molecule absorbs these vibrations, it spreads to surrounding molecules. Electromagnetic waves are emitted and our molecules and cells "tune in" to that frequency. Sound therapy and vibrational healing work holistically on physical, mental, and spiritual levels.


Perseus Cluster - Sound Therapy Research Dr. Wieder's Research in Vibration Therapy

Experiments point to a connection between sound, vibration and broader physical reality! Recent discoveries of black holes in the Universe, particularly in the Perseus cluster, proves this idea. For more detailed information on this research and the "Bone Toner" tuning fork, go to Dr. Wieder's website here: Sound Therapy. It is important to consider this concept in Dr. Wieder's work in developing this tuning fork as well as for understanding how sound therapy work affects our bodies.