Rhododendron Caucasicum – Weight Loss and Longevity Wellness Extract


SRC - The Longevity Wellness Flower

The Georgian Snow Rose,

also known as Siberian Rhododendron Caucasicum (SRC)

It is more than just a beautiful flower...

Rhododendron Caucasicum blooming on the mountainside

The Rhododendron Caucasicum grows high in the remote Caucasus Mountains in the Republic of Georgia.

Caucasus Mountains - Home of the Georgian Snow Rose

The Caucasus environment is harsh but the Georgian people are renowned for their longevity and overall good health.

Georgians themselves attribute their longevity and wellness to the Snow Rose both in Alpine tea and as an extract.

It is only recently that this miraculous flower has been clinically demonstrated with numerous properties as a longevity wellness supplement and tea for weight loss.


Secret Supplement for Weight Loss, Longevity and Wellness


The Siberian Rhododendron Caucasicum (SRC) is a relatively unknown weight loss and longevity wellness supplement that has been proven safe and highly effective. Commonly called Georgian Snow Rose, it grows in the high mountain regions of the Caucasus Mountains of Russia, specifically at elevations of 10-13,000 ft. It is one of the few rhododendrons that are not toxic to humans and has a history of regional use spanning 400 years. It contains a compound that is unique for "fat control" and antioxidant properties. Although the supplement form is more potent, SRC tea for weight loss will also be effective. SRC also provides general longevity wellness benefits and is being successfully utilized to treat specific chronic conditions including high blood pressure, arthritis, gout, and rheumatism. It additionally aids in the elimination of toxins. Georgians themselves attribute their longevity to this tea and extract.


What Makes Siberian Rhododendron Caucasicum Unique?


Rhododendron Caucasicum is unique because among the over 800 Azalea/Rhododendron species worldwide, nearly all of them are toxic and should not be consumed by humans. Clinical trials have shown SRC to be safe and effective for human consumption. It is the only variety known to contain unique photo-chemical composition.


Flavon-glycosides, caffeic acid, anthocyanins, chlorogenic and Gallic acids are some of the active phenolics. For this reason its young leaves are picked when the polyphenols are highest, after spring these very important phenols decline rapidly. The process by which SRC is extracted is one of the keys to its success as a weight control and longevity wellness supplement. SRC is produced only by high pressure solvent free extraction, and is processed with water based filtration under high pressures.


longevity wellness background

Caucasus mountains in July


SRC Extract for Weight Loss and Longevity


All healthy bodies always need a certain amount of fat to perform optimally. These essential fatty acids (Omega 3-6) are necessary nutrients for the brain, hair, nails, nerves, muscles and numerous other body metabolic benefits. This 15-20% fat reduction is available through both the Extract and the full leaf tea. In the Republic of Georgia it is not unusual for people to live beyond 100 years of age as active members of society. Together with a daily ritual SRC, they drink probiotic rich kefir and flavonoid foods on a daily basis. This occurs all without pharmaceuticals. The extract is natural and safe for human consumption.


The key to the long life of 23,000 inhabitants of the Republic of Georgia over 100 years old, as verified by statistics, is the life long use of Rhododendron Caucasicum Tea now in supplement form SRC. With consistent use, SRC supplement for weight loss is a true longevity wellness supplement for any diet. Grown at over 10,000 feet, it has been shown to increase cardiovascular activity, particularly to the brain, improve overall physical ability, while inhibiting hyaluronidase, which is also helpful with arthritis prevention. Rhododendron Caucasicum is unique among other rhododendrons and is considered safe for human consumption, mainly because other rhododendrons and especially the flowers, contain grayanotoxins and are not soluble in water and can be harmful. DO NOT confuse this life-giving plant with your back yard rhododendron!


Rhododendron Caucasicum is used in hospitals in Europe and Asia for the treatment of heart disease, arthritis, gout, neuroses and other conditions.


Give your body the tools it needs to enjoy the longevity long enjoyed by the Russian and Chinese people, along with probiotic supplementation. It is a great way to keep the edge off your appetite!