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This site is about Light (spiritual energy), Yuen Method,  Sound Therapy,  and  Rhododendron Caucasicum Supplement.


Bette Mozdzen – LMT, CBE, Energy Practitioner Featuring the Yuen Method, and Sound Healer

Flourishing health, human flourishing and flourishment of our deepest nature, our True Self.  The time is right now to transform yourself and experience living this state of being for yourself. Move gracefully and joyfully into your highest potential.


I am that I am, Energy healing


Bette has added a new dimension to her energy work; she has always had a strong desire to help children and now they will be a much greater part of her work's focus. The future of our world depends on future generations!
Bette has finally found an exceptional way to assist the children of the planet in a very concrete way and is excited to announce this new addition.


Transform Your Life, Transform The World

Energy healing handsSukyo Mahikari – The Art of True Light is a subtle energy practice throughout which you can receive a positive, relaxing and spiritual energy we call "Light" that is transmitted from the hand of the Practitioner. Experience shows by receiving Light you can revitalize your spirit, mind and body. Sukyo Mahikari has Centers all over the world where people receive Light or learn to give it. Washington, D.C. practitioners demonstrate the Light at Fairs and Light Circles throughout the area for anyone who would like to experience it.

Most of us already know  how our choices and experiences have affected our abilities in life. One thing many people aren't clear on is that these choices also affect our spiritual condition which dramatically affects our happiness ,relationships, health, success, inner peace and environment.
This Light practice literally elevates our spiritual condition and our potential as human beings. Practitioner see how the light practice  influences their lives in a positive way.
If you have questions or would like to locate a Light Circle I your area, contact our Center at 202-328-5903 or wdccenter@yahoo.com or call or email me directly at 301-922-0437 or Bette@LightBodySong.com



 About Me – Background and Experience

- Over 20 years experience as a massage therapist: offering body, mind and spirit integration through hands on and energetic holistic bodywork as practitioner, trainer and manager of some of Washington, DC's most exclusive Spas (Elizabeth Arden, Watergate Hotel, Georgette Klinger and Noelle, The Day Spa) as well as providing private, in home sessions for clientele.


- Licensed Massage Therapist


- Certified Body Ecology Diet nutritional counselor


- Skin care and hydrotherapy spa treatment professional


- Sound Healer (tuning forks and bone toning)


- Holistic Energy Practitioner featuring the Yuen Method


- Over 20 years practicing the Art of True Light at Sukyo Mahikari Spiritual Development Centers


- Freelance writer and speaker on beauty, health and holistic energy


To contact Bette Mozdzen about Yuen and all other goods and services:


call:  301-922-0437


or email:  Bette@LightBodySong.com



Bette Mozdzen

Bette Mozdzen